Fun Day

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After finishing the semester exams, the children in Peduli Anak participate in Fun Day. This activity is filled with various games. The children who are participating in the game must play in a team.

There are a couple of games that the children participate in excitedly. Such as collecting the small balls into the basket. In this game, the children play in a team that consists of ten members. One of the members must collect the balls of the same color, but they are blindfolded. So the other members cheer and become the guide for the blindfolded one.

Another game that the children participate in is moving the shirt. They are divided into two teams. Each team has a captain who’s helping the members to move the shirt. They must wear a shirt and move it from the back to the front row. The fastest team becomes the winner.

During Fun Day, the children seem to enjoy the games. They laugh a lot and become closer to their friends. Also, the children can learn more about teamwork through these games.