Friendly Futsal Match with Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort Team

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18 August 2023 – The Peduli Anak boys, who are members of the Green United Football Club, engaged in a friendly futsal match with the team from Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort. This event marked the commencement of the collaboration between Peduli Anak and Sheraton in Corporate Social Responsibility activities. Not only that, but this friendly match also formed part of the celebrations for Indonesia’s Independence Day, which had occurred the previous day on August 17.

The match took place at Peduli Anak’s futsal court. During the sunny afternoon match, the children and the Sheraton team played futsal with great enthusiasm. The cheers from the audience on the sidelines provided additional motivation for the players. In the spirit of fairness, the watching children chanted in support of both Peduli Anak and Sheraton.

“The enthusiasm of these children is truly inspiring. The Peduli Anak team performed exceptionally well and showed great determination,” commented Mr. Ali Usman, HR Manager of Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort.

Throughout the match, the Green United Football Club team from Peduli Anak scored numerous goals. In fact, the score became so high that it was practically uncountable, resulting in the Peduli Anak team emerging as the winner of this friendly match.

Looking ahead, the team from Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort plans to visit more frequently and organize a range of exciting and educational activities for the children at Peduli Anak. As the match concluded, the children bid cheerful farewells to the Sheraton team, expressing their anticipation for future activities together.