Water Filters for Victims of Lombok Earthquakes

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29/9/18 – For more than a decade, Stichting Bali Bundar has worked with organizations and orphanages in Bali. The Lombok earthquakes have prompted them to expand their project to Lombok in collaboration with Peduli Anak.

Bali Bundar recently donated 50 water filters for Peduli Anak and villages affected by the earthquakes. We’ve learned from our donation delivery to villages in the North and East Lombok that many villages lack the access to clean water, especially those in remote areas.

With this water filtration system, villagers can now turn any kind of water into clean water that’s safe for drinking. One filter costs only about 20 euro. Bali Bundar foundation has been using this in orphanages they support in Bali and also to families in remote areas of Bali where there is no clean water available. The filters work without electricity and in less than 6 hours, we can make drinking water from almost any dirty water.

Peduli Anak has distributed 45 filters to Jelitong village, Busur Barat village and Dusun Pawang Tenun village on 29 September 2018. We are also using the filter in our Lombok project.