Watch New Promo Film “12 Harapan”

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Hi friends,

Our new promo film, 12 Harapan (12 Hopes) is finally here!

“12 Harapan” means 12 hopes; hopes for 12 children who have experienced a change in their life from living in an institutional care home with big groups to living in a small group with a foster mother and thus creating a feeling like a natural family in a home dedicated only to them.

For decades, care towards underprivileged children mainly focuses on institutionalising them in children’s homes. This type of care, while on a short term might solve a problem, takes away a nurturing environment that a child needs to grow to become a fully functioning adult. Peduli Anak Foundation aims to remove institutional practices and provide care modeled on that found in a traditional family home and create the warm, nurturing family that these children so desperately need.

With 12 Harapan we want to create awareness about the importance for a child to live in such environment and promotes the creation of children homes that nurture families, which we are now building.

You can watch the film here. Let us know what you think! We’re now moving on to fundraise for the third family home. Click donate button on top to contribute or contact us for more information.