Staff of Peduli Anak Get Covid-19 Vaccinated

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On Saturday, May 8, the staff of Peduli Anak underwent a Covid-19 vaccination. Our line of work in child social welfare and children home put us in vulnerable position of contracting the coronavirus and spreading it to children.

Therefore, as soon as the vaccine is available to the general public, we immediately registered our staff and young adults who are under our care to get their vaccine.

Some staff were afraid of needles, but they put a brave face and rolled up their sleeves.

Hopefully, after this vaccination, the big family of Peduli Anak will be protected from Covid-19, and the children will also remain healthy. Even though the staff has been vaccinated, we will still carry out health protocols to prevent the Covid-19 transmission.

Get yourself vaccinated soon! This is a simple selfless act you can do to help yourself, your family and communities.