Residential Care

Peduli Anak’s shelter homes offer them a safe, structured, relaxed and home-like environment, giving them positive experiences and realistic challenges. During their stay, we assess and address their needs through education, planned activities, counseling and therapy. This is an important stage during which we prepare the children to eventually be reunited with their families and at the same time prepare them for independence once they leave home.

The first shelter for street children was co-facilitated by the family Koper from Heerhugowaard, the Netherlands who visited Peduli Anak during their holiday in 2007. They saw that the shelter project had insufficient funds and the roof was not finished. They immediately decided to help by covering the necessary funds and provided our former street children with a roof above their heads. Being in a construction business for years, the family Koper believes that, quote: ''Without a roof there is no home''.


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