Peduli Anak Participates in the 10th Global CSR Summit & Awards

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20 Apr’18 – Peduli Anak is invited to participate in the 10th Annual Global CSR Summit and Awards in Lombok, Indonesia. Our Co-founder, Martina, shares about Peduli Anak Story in her keynote speech. She also joins the discussion panel about women’s empowerment and explains how Peduli Anak environment encourages young girls to achieve their dreams. As an NGO, where women hold important positions such as Director and Manager, and with more female volunteers than the males, Peduli Anak sets example and have actual role models for their young girls.

Our children are also given a special time to perform a pantomime act. Egi and Ramzi were not shy at all and they made us laugh! They even had two audience members as a volunteer during their performance.

This event is also attended by representatives of multinational companies in Asia and the Middle East.