Peduli Anak Newsletter Q3 – 2020

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Expanding our reach to brighten more futures

16/08/20 – All our houses are occupied and almost full! Our children live in small groups with a mother who takes care of them day and night. Together they decide the house chores and discuss the house rules. See below our latest short video with an overview of our newly build child welfare center.

One of the houses is dedicated to caring for children with special medical conditions. These children come from remote areas throughout Lombok. They stay at Peduli Anak temporarily while waiting for or undergoing treatment. The Peduli Anak school has started its new school year. Students living at Peduli Anak follow regular schedules and activities, whereas students from the villages continue to study from home for now. Unfortunately, we are still closed to volunteers and general visitors.

The staff who go in and out of the center must follow COVID protocols such as temperature check, mask-wearing, and hand washing. Staff with flu-like symptoms will be asked to stay at home until they have completely recovered. We cannot implement the work-from-home system due to the nature of our work. Besides the staff, we also taught the children about the COVID protocols and keep stressing the importance of personal health and hygiene. They also take YOUVIT multivitamins daily to keep their immune system as strong as possible.

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