Medical Students Organized The Lombok Project

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2/2/20 – Last week, 24 medical students from Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with Peduli Anak organized a community project, The Lombok Project, in Peduli Anak Foundation and Langko village.

There were various activities that the students did, such as free medical check-up and health awareness activity and consultation, renovation of the village’s library and mosque, and giving donation packages to the village’s most vulnerable community. All the activities took place in Langko Village for four days.

The enthusiastic students also planned some organized activities with the children of Peduli Anak. They prepared games, which can stimulate children’s leadership and cooperation skills. In every game, the students also inserted messages about health. Therefore, children were not only having fun but also learned about health and hygiene.

On the farewell night, the children and the medical students prepared a cultural show. They performed traditional dancing, singing, and pantomime. The children and students also did a collaborative performance, such as singing and pantomime. It was a really fun night and very memorable for the children and the students.