March 2019 Newsletter – Can’t Wait to Move in!

  • kids and house construction
  • volunteer activity

The children can’t wait to move into their new homes! The construction of the new houses is coming along really nicely. If all continues to go as planned they will be moving in at the end of May. So close!!

The focus is on four (click here for the video) of the seven houses first as this gives us enough capacity to house all the children currently living at Peduli Anak.

The other three houses will enable us to care for an extra 60 children and offer them a path to the future. We will forever be grateful to all our sponsors and all the people who donated to make this all possible.

We are looking for child sponsors

With 60 extra children on a waiting list from the child social services and currently also 23 children without a sponsor comes the great responsibility of finding more child sponsors. We believe it is key to connect a sponsor to a child. Sponsoring one child fully can be a big financial commitment. We therefore have split the sponsorship for each child in three plans: Livelihood (€48/month), Education (€34/month) and Additional Care (€25/month). This means there will never be more than three sponsors per child. Of course, you are free to pick 2 plans or all 3. Your entire contribution will be spent only on costs that benefit your sponsor child.

With our child support plan you, your company, family or group of friends, get the opportunity to support our children! Please click here to see the children are still looking for sponsors.

Volunteer quarters

Volunteers have always been a big part of Peduli Anak. Our new office building will include four volunteer rooms with 2 bunk beds each. The building which houses our so-called volunteer family room (for groups up to 10) has been renovated and is now temporarily being used as our office.

Volunteers are always very welcome at Peduli Anak and their help is mutually beneficial. Volunteers learn to function in a distant country and engage with a developing country and its poverty-related problems. Peduli Anak benefits from their assistance in the day-to-day running of the foundation and school and from their specialized expertise in areas such as social pedagogical training, medical training, construction, English language skills, art, dance, computer or cooking. It gives our children access to a lot of knowledge plus it opens their world to other cultures and religions. We are very fortunate to have locals come in and volunteer as well!

We do not accept volunteers in caregiving roles as this is the job of our local counselors and carers who have been educated in this field and looked-after the children for many years. All our staff has also been trained and passed exams on the Child Protection Plan which has been put in place by our government in conjunction with UNICEF & SAVE THE CHILDREN. Not accepting volunteers in caregiving roles is also important to prevent bonding between children and temporary volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering at Peduli Anak you can find all the information here. Due to the reconstruction process, the general volunteer program is closed until September 2019. For skilled volunteers, continue reading below.

New staff member: Our very own Syarifah

Syarifah was placed in our care when she was 9 years old. We had just opened our doors. She is now 22 years old, lives on her own and recently graduated from university. Her first job will be in the Peduli Anak office. We are so proud of her.

Are you a landscaping expert or have connections?

When the children move into their new home, the area around their houses will be cleared for safety, but it will still be a construction site. The landscaping of our campus is a project in itself. We are looking for financial sponsoring, but are also keen to get in touch with landscape experts and tradesmen (finishing carpenter, plumber, and electrician). If you or anyone you know could help us get started on this project, please contact us!

Can you (or someone you know) help?

We still need a lot of support for our rebuilding efforts. If you have any contacts with companies who could help and or support us with the following we would love to hear from you:

External services such as street lights, water pipes, electrical, (paving) asphalt road, drainage, landscaping, furniture lockers for the children, plants and (fruit) trees for the garden, orbit ceiling fans, road drainage, 2500 liter extra paint (1000 liter already sponsored by Jotun), science lab, water tower, and computers for the classroom.