Learn English and Coding with a Volunteer

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After being temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Peduli Anak volunteer program reopened in early 2022. Finally, we opened the door again for volunteers. For a month, Mr. Chandra, an English teacher from Yogyakarta, stayed at Peduli Anak to share his knowledge of English and IT.

Every day, the children take turns attending Mr. Chandra’s class. They are very eager to learn new things. In this class, they not only learn English, but also computer coding. They even learn to make simple games!

“It’s great to learn English this way. I can learn languages ​​while making games,” said 15-year-old Aldy.

“I hope, regardless of their background, children have access and opportunity to grow up like other children outside of Peduli Anak,” said Mr. Chandra when conveying his wish for our children.

We hope that with the reopening of this volunteer program, we will again welcome bright and talented people from all over the world who share a common interest in creating a better future for children.