Kick Andy Heroes Reward

On 28th March 2021, Peduli Anak and Founder received an award as one of #kickandyheroes2021 from KICK ANDY SHOW. This event was held to appreciate inspiring people like Chaim Fetter, Peduli Anak Founder, who has helped many disadvantaged children in Lombok. Especially in providing proper education for these children.

For 15 years, Chaim, through Peduli Anak, has been helping more than thousands of children. Today, more than a hundred children live in Peduli Anak. They come from various backgrounds and seek help to get a place to live or continue to study at school. Lately, Peduli Anak also helps seriously ill children from the remote areas of Lombok to get proper treatment.

As Kick Andy Heroes, Peduli Anak encourages to keep its commitment to providing help for disadvantaged children. Through this award, we hope to help more orphans, neglected, and poor children. So they can get better protection, shelter, education, and health care.