ING Bank and Vena Energy Help Peduli Anak

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23/11/19 – ING Bank Jakarta and Singapore and Vena Energy Jakarta came to visit and volunteer for a day. They donated a lot of stuff for our school, library, and office.

Donation from ING Bank:

– 3 Beanbags
– 200 books
– 3 laptops
– Computer desks and bookshelves
– Goody bags

Donation from Vena Energy:
– 2 Dryers
– 10 School desks
– School supplies
– 2 laptops

Together with our children, 18 ING staff and 5 Vena Energy staff did some gardening work, painting, cooking and of course, playing games. They divided the group into smaller groups taking on several projects around our campus.

The gardening team expanded our garden to double the size, of course, there’s still a lot of areas that we will turn into vegetables and fruit garden later. The Library team was busy in the library making bookshelves, putting together the furniture and painting a beautiful mural. In the kitchen, the cooking team was preparing nasi goreng for lunch and afternoon snacks.  Last but not least, the painting team repainted our 2 old classrooms with fresh color.

Later in the afternoon when the jobs were done, we played some badminton and games. What a day to start the weekend!

Thank you so much, ING Bank and Vena Energy! Hope to see you again soon!