Iftar with Lombok City Center

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24/5/19 – Today we had a special Iftar event at the Lombok City Center (LCC). The new management of LCC invited 100 children and staff of Peduli Anak to celebrate iftar at the LCC Mall. The General Manager of POSA Lombok City Center, Mr. Irwan Jendra Gunawan, organized this event for Peduli Anak to share happiness and celebrate the holy month with the children. With the close proximity between the mall and the foundation, it is also a token of appreciation and support from local business towards a local cause.

Situated in the grand center of the mall, the event embraced the solemn attitude of Ramadan, but still attractive enough for the children. They were entertained by the funny MC, Mr. Bayu, who threw mini quizzes to test the kids’ knowledge about fasting and Ramadan. Our children were enthusiastic to answer questions, especially because they were prizes provided by the sponsors of the event.

We had also a special guest, Mr. Abdul Manan, the Head of the Islamic Council of Mataram, who delivered an interactive iftar sermon. He motivated the children about the importance of kindness and doing good deeds especially during the holy month. Even though people may see them as less unfortunate orphans, there is always God and good people who will take care of them. The prophet Mohammed was also an orphan, but he achieved so many great things. Therefore, all Peduli Anak children have also great potentials to be a good leader someday.

Mr. Irwan and Peduli Anak hoped that this event will be a good start for future collaboration. The mall will be reopened to the public next year with new facilities and the concept of a one-stop shopping mall. It will have schools, waterpark, shopping center, cinema, and more.

We closed the event with Iftar, prayer, and distribution of gifts for the children. Thank you, LCC and we wish you the best of luck with the reopening of the mall.