Anda mensponsori Gifal Yogianto

Gifal Yogianto

  • Jenis Kelamin: Male
  • Tanggal Lahir: Suranadi, 05-05-2004

Gifal Yogianto, better known as Egi, used to live in a dirty small house with his mother, stepfather and three half-brothers. Egi didn’t get enough attention and suffered from malnutrition. He also had to quit school. Therefore, Egi was recommended by a social worker to Peduli Anak’s children home.

At the foundation, Egi can go to school again. He is a smart and outgoing boy. He is very happy to be back to school. In a short time, he became a top student in his class. At school, Egi likes Math and English. He likes playing football and making robots.

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