Home Improvement and Painting Training with Jotun Paint

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16 June’17 – Jotun Paint, one of the leading paint companies in the world, donated paint and training class for Peduli Anak. Since Peduli Anak’s establishment 11 years ago, many parts of our buildings need to be repainted and some even fully renovated.

Jotun Paint decided to paint our schools and shelters, but not only that, they also give training to our adolescents, staff and kids’ parents who want to learn some painting skills. With the rising building development on the island, having a good painting skill would be very advantageous.

The company that originated from Norway and branched out to 70 countries worldwide, sent 4 staff from Jakarta to start the project. Participants learn and practice how to prepare surfaces, primer painting, and top coat painting. Upon completion, they will receive a certificate and they can immediately see the results on our buildings!

The painting of our buildings will take several steps. In mid June,  we start with preparation for Jotun Paint class and surface preparation. Starting in July, we start brushing primer painting and top coat painting around the second and third week of July. By the end of July, we will see our buildings coming alive and vibrant again.

To inaugurate the painting class and mark the start of the project, Jotun organized a break fasting event with all the children and staff of Peduli Anak. Thank you Jotun Paint for making our home beautiful again.