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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Poto Tano, 07-10-2008

Wahid comes from a farm labor family. He has many siblings. They all live in a small rented semi-permanent house.

Since his parents are not educated and are always busy working in the farm, Wahid was neglected. He didn’t go to school and seldom ate healthy food. There wasn’t enough food for all of them anyway.

Wahid’s speech ability was also under-developed. He only spoke in the local dialect. He spent his days by playing around without his parents’ control. Even worse, his parents exploited him to beg for money at the harbors in Sumbawa and Lombok.

The Social Agency in West Sumbawa found out about Wahid’s poor condition and referred him to Peduli Anak. Wahid now lives in Peduli Anak. In the foundation, Wahid easily adapts with his new surroundings. He is now learning in the kindergarten class. He starts learning the alphabets and numbers for the first time. Wahid likes playing soccer and he dreams to become a policeman someday.

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