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  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: Guntur, 03-05-1997

Syarifah is the second child of three. Her father died several years ago and her family’s life has been very difficult. They lived in a house made of bamboo, but this got taken over by a family member, forcing Syarifah’s family to live on the street.

Syarifah used to be in 5th grade, but hardly went to school as her family’s financial situation continued to get worse and instead of going to school, helped her mother work on a farm.

Syarifah is a healthy and active girl, who’s very motivated to go to school and improve her family’s living situation. She wants to attend the best school possible.

In 2015, Syarifah was the first Peduli Anak child to go to university. She’s majoring in administration.


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