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  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: Tanak Tepong, 31-12-2000

Suhartini, usually called War, is the oldest child of three. She used to live in a small, semi-permanent house with a coarse-grassed roof. Her mother died a long time ago and her father never took care of War and her brothers. He had an unstable income as a bamboo seller.

War went to the first grade of Elementary School, but dropped out as a result of a lack of attention from her parents. She also felt shy at school because she had a skin problem on her scalp. After dropping out, she helped her father by taking care of the household and her brothers. She also collected plastic, which her brothers would sell.

War is a humble, shy and intelligent girl. She is very happy to be staying at the foundation and be back at school where she can partake in many activities. She’s now living a happy life at Peduli Anak with her brothers and the other children.

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