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Rosiana Nuriyati

  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: Mataram, 05-10-2005

Since she was 8 months old, Rosiana Nuriyati or Oci, has lived with foster parents. When she was in second grade, her birth parents took her back to their hometown in Sumbawa.

While living with her birth parents, Oci was never sent to school until they moved back to Lombok a year later.

In Lombok, her birth parents started to exploit her by sending her to beg on the streets around Mataram mall. She had to do this every day. If she refused, the father would drug her to make her less tense and relax while begging.

Eventually, Oci’s foster parents found out about this and demanded the parents to send Oci back to them. Oci moved back with her foster parents and continued her school. However, her birth parents often picked her up from school and asked her to beg again on the streets. In order to prevent this, Oci’s foster parents sent Oci to a boarding school/orphanage in Mataram.

Sadly, the same thing continued regardless. This exploitation brought bad effects on Oci’s upbringing. She began to develop negative behavior like stealing and lying. Later, the boarding school referred Oci to a Youth Rehabilitation facility.

After one month of rehabilitation, Oci was then referred to Peduli Anak because of her high motivation to continue her study.

Now in Peduli Anak, Oci is learning to adjust to the new environment and make friends with other children. She sits in Grade 5 and she wants to be a teacher. Oci likes swimming and she wants to represent her school in swimming competitions.

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