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Oki Saputra

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Sesela, 28-10-1996

Oki is the fight child of eight. He used to live in a small house with his big family. His father is a carpenter who doesn’t earn a lot and is sometimes out of work. He also needs to give part of his income to his second wife and their three children. Oki’s mother sells spices at the market and earns very little.

Oki was in third grade, but because of the lack of attention from his parents, he spent most of his time playing or picking trash and begging, rather than going to school. He would give the money he used to earn with trash picking and begging partly to his mother to be able to buy necessities for the household. Oki eventually dropped out of school because he was spending too much time on the streets.

Oki is an active, smart boy, with a calm nature. He lives a normal life despite his past and he doesn’t suffer from disease or mental disorder. He’s very happy to be staying at the foundation because he wants to make his mother happy by attending school.

Since Oki joined Peduli Anak, he has been a role model for the other children and he’s top of his class. He likes reading, music and drawing and he likes to learn about a wide range of things. He’s now studying to become a nurse or doctor.

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