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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Tanak Tepong, 04-02-2004

Nurhamdi, better known as Hamdi, is the youngest child of three. Before living in the foundation, he lived with his family in a semi-permanent small house with a coarse-grassed roof. His mother died when he was one year old and his father remarried. Although he still has a father and step-mother, nobody took care of him and his siblings. His father looks, cuts down, and sells bamboo trees, but this generates an unstable income.

Before coming to the foundation, Hamdi didn’t go to school. He would play or collect plastic with his sister. He had very poor personal hygiene due to the lack of attention from his parents.

Hamdi is an active and cheerful boy, who, despite his past, lives a normal life and doesn’t suffer from disease or mental disorder. He now goes to school and lives a happy life with his brother, sister, and all the other children.

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