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Nur Azlina

  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: Duman Dasan, 16-09-2011

Nur lives with her mother and three siblings in Duman Dasan near the foundation. Her father died when she was very young. Her mother then re-married. Nur’s stepfather is a farm laborer whose income is unreliable. His income is only able to fulfill the cost of food for his family.

Nur’s mother used to work as a laborer in a junkyard. However, she decided to stop working since Nur was in the womb. Even though Nur’s mother is eager to get back to work to help the family’s economy, she cannot leave Nur and her three siblings at home without anyone caring and watching them. Therefore, Nur’s stepfather’s income is the only source of income for her family.

The fighting spirit shown by her parents inspired Nur to be a brave girl, thus she aspired to be a soldier. Nur goes to Peduli Anak primary school where she enjoys studying Science.

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