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Muhammad Ramli

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Sengkulit, 23-01-2001

Muhammad Ramli, commonly known as Ramli, is from a poor family and was the third child of four. He used to live modest home in a dirty, rundown environment. On April 25th 2013, Ramli’s father died of cerebral haemorrhage. Without him, Ramli’s mother struggled to support her four children. Working as a porter, she struggled to supply for her family’s daily needs and pay for her children’s schooling.

However, Ramli would never complain about his life to his friends. He is healthy and grew up a normal life, despite living in the slums. He now lives at Peduli Anak and attends the middle school. His family hopes that he can continue his education to higher levels and fulfil his dreams.

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