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Jhyotir Abadi

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Lombok Tengah, 20-09-2003

Three days after he was born, Jhyotir, or Geo, was abandoned by his parents. He and his older brother were raised in a small house which they shared with their uncle’s family. In 4th grade of primary school, Geo had to drop out because his grandmother didn’t have enough money to pay for school.

He was then brought to his other grandmother in central Lombok, but here his situation only got worse. He was forced to steal by a family member and got beaten up when he refused. Geo often skipped school because of the horrible conditions he lived in and eventually got expelled from school.

His father found out and brought Geo to the city. Unfortunately this didn’t improve Geo’s situation. He still didn’t go to school and begged on the streets instead. However, eventually he was referred to Peduli Anak, as his family could not provide him with the attention and care he needed.

Geo is a cheerful boy and friendly to everyone. He easily adjusted and is happy to go to school again and to do extracurricular activities. He likes to play music and to play soccer.

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