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Gilang Sandi Permana Putra

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Ampenan, 03-06-2003

Gilang Sandi Permana was neglected from a really young age. When he was ten months old, his parents divorced. From then on, Gilang lived in a small house in Mataram with his mother. To provide for him and herself, Gilang’s mother went from village to village to sell cakes and cooked rice, while carrying Gilang on her back. She did this for almost a year, until it became too much for her. She then decided to move overseas and leave Gilang with his aunt who worked as a porter at Lembar harbour. Gilang’s father had remarried and had no contact his family anymore.

Gilang only went to school for one month before dropping out as a result of hardly attending any classes. From then on, he spent his time playing on the beach and at the bus station.

Despite his past, Gilang is a healthy boy with no physical or mental problems and he now goes to the school at Peduli Anak.

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