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Gifal Yogianto

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Suranadi, 05-05-2004

Gifal Yogianto, better known as Egi, used to live in a dirty small house with his mother, stepfather and three half-brothers. When his mother was pregnant with him, his father left them. A year later he came back, married Egi’s mother, and they got another son. After his brother was born, his father left them again.

His mother then decided to send Egiand his brother to their grandmother, but the situation was similar at their grandmother’s as she could not take care of them anymore due to her old age and poverty. She sent them back to their mother, who had remarried and had three children with a new husband.

The conditions worsened when Egi was sent back to his mother’s home. Egi and his brother didn’t get enough attention because they weren’t considered as part of the new family. Egi suffered from malnutrition and had to quit school.

Egi’s mother could do nothing for him and his brother. Later, Egi and his brother were recommended by a social worker to move to the foundation.

At the foundation, Egi seems to fit in and enjoys living there. He can now go back to school and enjoy life as a child. Egi was a bit shy at first, but now he is cheerful when he plays around with the other children. He is very happy to be back to school. In a short time, he became a top student in his class. At school, Egi enjoys math, religion studies ,and English. He likes playing football and making robots.

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