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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Gerupuk, 14-11-2006

Fathol, usually called Hol, was abandoned by his mother when his father passed away in 2007. Hol became homeless and lived on the streets in Gerupuk. A year later, his brother was born and was also abandoned, but eventually got adopted by a couple on Bali. Hol’s mother passed away a few years ago.

When Fathol lived on the streets, when he was just three years old, he went door to door to ask for some rice. He was very malnourished, thin and had hardly any clothes. One day, the owner of a surf camp in Gerupuk found Hol and started giving him food every day and sent him to school. This changed Hol’s life. Although he was very happy to go to school, he also found it hard because everyone in the village bullied him and would steel his books, pens and bag. Some even tried to provoke him to do bad things. Living in an unhealthy and unsafe neighbourhood, eventually made Hol drop out of school, making him go back to the streets to beg. Even then, his peers would still bully him.

Because of his situation, Hol eventually got referred to Peduli Anak. Now, he is a very good and cheerful boy. After several months at the foundation, he follows all activities and enjoys staying there. He’s now in second grade and is really happy to go to school again.

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