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Dina Wati

  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: Jelitong, 11-02-2006

Dina Wati is the fourth child of seven. She used to live in a small house together with her mother and six siblings. Her father passed away several years ago because of liver disease and lack of money for medication.

Dina’s mother works on a cacao plantation and has a low income which isn’t enough to support her family or send her children to school. Because of that, one of Dina’s older siblings married at a young age and the others had to drop out of Primary School. Dina’s youngest brother was given to other people so they could take care of him.

Dina had to help her mother with chores around the house and because of that often had to miss class. Because of her situation, Dina was referred to Peduli Anak. Now she goes to school again and is especially happy because she goes to school to school together with her sister.

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