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Dafir Halfan

  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Hijrah, 24-08-2007

Dafir is the second child of three from his already divorced parents from Sumbawa Island. His mother left Dafir and his siblings, whereas his father remarried to a woman from Lombok. He then moved to Lombok with his father.

However, due to extreme poverty and rejection from his stepmother, Dafir and his siblings are neglected, malnourished and didn’t have access to education. Dafir who were 9 years old didn’t get enough affection and care he needed. This affected his mental and physical development. Dafir developed communication difficulties and suspected autism.

The poor conditions of the Halfan children came to the attention of a local policeman who later reported the case to the Social Agency of Sumbawa.

Several reconciliation and reunification efforts between the children and the parents were fruitless because the stepmother was adamant that she won’t accept the children in the family. Dafir’s father became confused and depressed and therefore is no longer fit to raise the children.

The Social Agency referred Dafir and his younger brother to Peduli Anak. In the foundation, Dafir learns to speak and adapt with his new surrounding. He is actually a cheerful and talkative boy even though his speech is difficult to understand. Dafir receives extra attention from our caregiver to help him communicate and interact with other people. Currently, Dafir follows the activities at the kindergarten.

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