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  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: Labuan Lombok, 22-02-2002

Alpiandi is the only child of a poor family. His parents divorced when he was still baby and neither of them wanted to raise Alpiandi. Luckily his grandfather was willing to take care of him in a village near the foundation. They lived in a very small house and as the grandparents were quite old, the care for Alpiandi became more difficult as he got older.

Alpiandi’s father occasionally visits, but only to give him some pocket money. After having observed his living situation for several months, the Peduli Anak social worker became concerned with Alpiandi’s well being and proposed that he would come live at Peduli Anak, his family agreed.

Alpiandi is very motivated to learn. He likes to play football and wants to be a football player when he gets older.

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