Creative Mess for Peduli Anak Earthquake Relief

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22/9/18 – We went to visit a fundraising event “Creative Mess” in Jakarta organized by Erudio School of Art (ESOA), Gerakan Berbagi and Crumble Crew. Taking place at Crumble Crew, a popular hangout spot in the heart of Jakarta, the event offered workshop and exhibition, carried out by students and staff of ESOA and local artists.

The Painted Totebag exhibition immediately drew our attention with unique creations and mixed media used on canvas tote bags, some inspired by Lombok and the earthquake. Besides the exhibition, there are also postcard painting and healing through art workshop with Sani Tumbelaka.

ESOA Shop also opened their booth selling crafts and souvenirs made by their students and staff. A portion of the sales will also go to Peduli Anak. We met also with Cofounder of Gerakan Berbagi, Priyono, who helped us by collecting shoes for our children. They have collected 116 pairs of shoes and now looking for donors to help them cover the shipping cost to Lombok.

Thank you very much ESOA, Gerakan Berbagi, Crumble Crew, and all students, staff, parents of ESOA, local artists and everybody who supported this event.