Happy 10th Anniversary Peduli Anak


4 February 2016 – Today, we’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Peduli Anak Foundation Indonesia. The time went by so fast and I am so proud of the fact that Peduli Anak has been able to improve the lives of so many disadvantaged children. I hope that the foundation will continue and expand its work for […]


Handicraft Jewellery Workshop

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26 January 2016 – One of our child sponsors, Yona, and her two friends from Norway came to Peduli Anak to visit her sponsored children and to give handicraft jewellery workshop for the kids and staff.


Visit from RUILI – Lombok In Country Program

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12 January 2016 – Twenty five students from Lombok In-Country Program came to visit Peduli Anak today. This collaboration program between several Australian universities and Mataram Lingua Franca Institute in Lombok offers intensive Indonesian language course and cultural excursions.


“Bullying or Teasing” Workshop for Children and Counselors

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7 January 2016 – A former intern of Peduli Anak, Laurens den Oudsten, came back to Peduli Anak after 3 years to share his knowledge again with us. Laurens, who is now an Applied Psychologist graduate from Hogeschool van Amsterdam, tailored 2 trainings for not only the counselors, but also for children.


The Day When We Went to the Cinema for the First Time

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28 December 2015 – Finally we have a cinema in Lombok! Our founder, Chaim, took all the kids who stayed in the center during the holiday to the cinema for the first time. The kids were so enthusiastic they got ready from the morning. We do have our own movie night with projector and all, […]


Telkomsel Cares (Telkomsel Peduli)

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19 December, 2015 – Today, we received special guests from Jakarta. The most prominent mobile telecommunication provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel, visited Peduli Anak as part of their Workshop and Social Charity trip in Lombok.


Home Visit December 2015

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1 December 2015 – During our internship,  we had the privilege of visiting the homes and the villages of some of the children. The meaning of the home visits was to assess the living conditions of the families, and whether they would be able to return to live at home or not. It has been extremely […]


How the Rinjani Eruption Affects Us


6 November 2015 – The volcano Mt. Barujari on the island of Lombok erupted on 26 October 2015. Barujari is part of the bigger mountain Rinjani. Since then it has affected the closure of Bali and Lombok airports and ashcloud throughout the island. Only until this week, did the ashcloud compromise the air in our […]