April 2019 Newsletter – Building for a Brighter Future on Multiple Fronts

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The installation of the roof of the first four houses (8 homes) has started and we are still on track to move all the children into their new home by the end of May! 

Plus, we are working on 3 more houses (6 homes), Shri Shastry Middle School building, Taha Sports Center, Mohammed Elmondher mosque, canteen next to the kitchen, road paving, office building, Triodos Children Clinic, Kitabisa.com Fish pond, Northstar Organic garden, and large irrigation system.

 All these projects are being worked on simultaneously by 200 workmen who have set up tents at the back of the Peduli Anak grounds. A village in itself! All made possible by all your donations and support! We will forever be beyond grateful.

Signify (Philips) Lightens up Peduli Anak

After already donating the indoor lights for the children homes, Signify (Philips) will also be donating solar powered street lights! These are 35 watts LED Outdoor Luminaires. Van der Poel Sharity Fund Foundation from the former VP of Philips, Arthur van der Poel and his wife, has been supporting us since the very start of Peduli Anak in 2007. We were therefore thrilled to have Arthur van der Poel and his wife, Mr. Rami Hajjar (VP of Philips Indonesia – Signify) and Lea Indra (Philips Signify Head of Integrated Communications) visit us recently. Thank you so much for literally lightening up the lives of so many children here at Peduli Anak!

New children

Yolanda is the latest addition to the Peduli Anak family. She has been reunited with her brother who was already living with us. There are other 50 children on the waitlist of the Child Social Services, including 2 babies. One of these babies has three siblings at Peduli Anak and naturally, we want to keep them all together. Once the construction has been finalized, it will be safe for babies to join. With 3 additional houses being built, we will be able to accommodate 60 children more.

IKEA Bunkbeds for our New Children Homes

IKEA Indonesia delivered the first 35 of 75 bunk beds for our new children homes. In early May, they will come to teach us how to put them together. We will all become IKEA assembly pros!

Start of our new Northstar Organic Garden

Green School from Bali held a three-day community project at Peduli Anak. In total 27 students, 6 teachers, 4 bio-bus drivers and 2 parents traveled from Bali to Lombok on their bio buses. They also brought along with them 180 liters biofuel, 30 liters paint, 100 seedlings, and 10 shovels.

During their visit, they organized three main projects focusing on rebuilding and education. They are gardening, mural painting, and sustainable education. One of Green School teachers, Ms. Alison, visited Peduli Anak after the earthquake and she recommended us for her school’s community project.

We will also be planting the so-called dollar plant ivy. This plant will cover several walls with green leaves (which look nothing like a dollar bill). This type of ivy plant does not damage the walls, but it strengthens them.

School Zone

To slow down traffic in front of the Peduli Anak entrance we put in speed bumps, Philips LED streetlights and a series of poles on the side of the road to create a sidewalk. Children from the nearby village walk to Peduli Anak to attend school. As the traffic situation was very hazardous, we took it upon ourselves to make it safer. We also put up signs with the words “School Zone” on it.

Talented kids!

Our kids continue to amaze us every day. Our primary school students competed in an Art festival for all primary schools in Lingsar Sub-District. We sent Aiman (pantomime), Silvi (singing) and our dance group to participate in this annual event. For our kids, this was the first time they took part in the event. Surprisingly, they did very well! Aiman and Silvi won the first place and will compete in the District level. Our dance team didn’t win but they all had fun! Click above to listen to Silvi’s new song about her family!

Can you help with building our paving roads?

The irrigation system, plants, fruit trees, playground, grass, landscaping and 6000 m2 of road pavement are necessary to connect all our new and renovated children homes, schools and make Peduli Anak a safe, encouraging, and inspiring ‘village’ to live and play. We had to cut down many trees now that all our buildings are only one level. The Mahogany wood is being used to build several gazebos so the children will have shaded areas to hang out.

This full landscaping project is very costly and a project in itself. We are looking for financial sponsoring, but are also keen to get in touch with landscape experts. If you or anyone you know could help us get started on this project, we would truly appreciate it!

Flashback: Going down memory lane

Check out the video above to see a Peduli Anak documentary when we just started in 2006.

We are looking for child sponsors

With 60 extra children also comes the great responsibility of raising funds. We believe it is key to connect a sponsor to a child. Sponsoring one child fully can be a big financial commitment. Therefore, we have split the sponsorship for each child in three: Livelihood, Education and Additional Care. This means there will never be more than three sponsors per child. Of course, you are free to pick 2 parts or all 3. Your entire contribution will be spent only on costs that benefit your child.

With our child support plan, you, your company, family or group of friends, get the opportunity to support our children! Please click here to read the details and see which children are still looking for sponsors.