Our Holiday in Bali

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7/6/19 – This year’s Eid holiday, we took 36 kids to go to Bali! While some kids are lucky to spend this special time with their family. We have many kids in Peduli Anak who didn’t have such privilege.

If you think going on holiday with kids is tough. Try 36 of them from age 4 to 18, with first time experiences of going out of their “island”, flying on an airplane, going to a zoo and staying in a hotel, among other little first times! It was chaotic sometimes, but we all had fun! 10 staff and volunteers also came along to give extra hands. We spent 4 days at D’djabu hotel, a small boutique hotel in Seminyak, Bali. They helped us a lot by providing proper accommodation and arranging our daily transportations.

We had a tremendously great time at Waterbom Bali that also generously gave us free tickets. The Waterbom team welcomed our kids with special information and interaction about how the waterpark preserve the environment, especially to save clean water. They organized quizzes with special prizes for the kids. Overall, we were impressed by the professionality of the team and the highest standards of safety at the best Waterpark in Asia.

We also went to Bali Zoo, Nusa Dua, Petitenget and Kuta beaches, Turtle Conservation and Education Center, Upside Down World, and Bajrasandi temple. On our last day, we shopped at the Art market and visited our friends at Green School.

During our travel, we were touched by the Balinese people who were very friendly and curious about our foundation. Foreign tourists often greeted us and even gave small treats to our kids. Everywhere we went, people were so nice and helpful. We had so much fun, we almost didn’t want to come back! :))

Thanks to our sponsors and donors for making this trip possible. Enjoy some photos from our Bali trip!