Bahrun Farihin

Bahrun Farihin, usually called Parihin, was born and raised by an underprivileged family. He is the youngest child of th...


Muis Zulkifli

Muis Zulkifli or Muis is the second child of two siblings. His parents are separated and now he lives with his father an...


Supriadi - Cupi

Supriadi, who is usually called “Cupi”, is a street child. His mother died a long time ago, and although he still ha...

Dina Wati

Dina Wati

Dina Wati, usually called Dina, is the fourth child of seven siblings. She lives with her mother and her six siblings in...


Yoga Satria

Yoga Satria, known as Yoga is the third child out of three siblings. He lived with his parents in a small house in Langk...


Rendi Sayyidina

Rendi is an only child. He lives with his father, stepmother and five stepbrothers. His parents divorced before he was ...


Yusri Zulkahfi

Yusri Zulkahfi is a neglected child, who is known as Yus. He lives with his father in a house that is very narrow and h...


Geotir Abadi

Geo was abandoned by his parents when he was a baby. His grandmother (from his mother side) then had to raise him and hi...


Mahyudin Apandi

Mahyudin Apandi, known as Apandi, is the first child of three. He lived with his parents in a small house in the village...



Ramdan, usually called Dan, is the third child of six siblings. He lives with his parents and his other four siblings in...

Muammar Majdi

Muammar Majdi or Muammar is the fourth child of five siblings. His father, passed away in 2003. His mother works as a sh...



Irwandi is an abandoned child. When he was very small his parents left him and went back to Kalimantan.



Jupri is an abandoned child. His father already passed away and his mother abandoned him to work overseas. Before joinin...


Deni Hamdani

Deni Hamdani, usually called Deni, is the fourth child of a six-childen family. Deni and the other four siblings live wi...


Risna Siti Faizah

Risna Siti Faizah, or known as Risna, is the second child of two siblings. She comes from a broken home family who's liv...


Drinking Water

Donation : €10/ €960

Donate one-year worth of drinking water for our project.


School Shoes

Donation : €13/ €1,300

Donate 100 pair of shoes and socks for 100 children. 


Health Clinic

Donation : €30/ €960

One year supply of first aid medication, prescription meds, vitamins and personal hygiene kits



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Become A Volunteer

Become A Volunteer

Come and work along with our staff to help children in Lombok.

Donate Now

Donate Now

You can also help from afar. Sponsor a child or support one of our projects.

Become Volunteer

As a Peduli Anak volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to work in a complete different culture with underprivileged children and our local staff in our homes or school. JOIN TODAY

Happy 10th Anniversary Peduli Anak

4 February 2016 - Today, we’re celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Peduli Anak Foundation Indones READ MORE

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Handicraft Jewellery Workshop

26 January 2016 - One of our child sponsors, Yona, and her two friends from Norway came to Peduli An READ MORE

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Children Participates in 10K Airport Running Series – Lombok

24 January 2016 - Today, our kids and staff took part in Airport Running Series 2015-2016. The runni READ MORE

What Donation Holders say

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    There are not many people in Indonesia who do a noble work like this. I’m very impressed with Peduli Anak. I try to do the same too.

    Tukul Arwana (Talkshow host & Comedian)
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    I was surprised to see the center. Everything is well-managed, and the education program is tailored perfectly for these children. The combination of formal and non-formal education that the children receive in Peduli Anak will prepare them for the future.

    Muhammad Nuh (Indonesia’s Minister of Education 2009 - 2014. )
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    Peduli Anak has done tremendous work in helping the local government to reduce the number of street children in the province. Besides that, the care given to the children of Peduli Anak is very professional in order to ensure that all children get their basic rights fulfilled.

    TGH. M. Zainul Majdi (Governor of West Nusa Tenggara)